Project Description

Murder Mystery Dinner Experience at Milton’s Black Mountain

Don’t miss this collaboration with The Watermark Theatre Collective, The Monte Vista Hotel, and Milton’s on Friday January 10th! Enjoy dinner, dessert, and a murder mystery show where guests will be asked to help characters determine who the mystery killer is. This will be a fun and exciting evening of dinner theatre you don’t want to miss! This will be a very fun show lots of laughs.
Friday January 10th, 2020
$55 per ticket includes Dinner, Dessert, and the Interactive Dinner Theatre Experience
Dinner and Experience start at 7pm
Menu announced shortly
More Info:
Here is this synopsis
Becky Boudreaux is marrying Tommy Wunkus at this hillbilly wedding, complete with camouflage-themed centerpieces, moonshine, and a hillbilly band. The fact that the tongue-tied officiate for the wedding, Bunky Wonky, can’t say the words “love,” “marriage,” “husband,” or “wife,” might be a problem, but Kitty Wunkus, Tommy’s sister, doesn’t care because he’s the man of her dreams, tongue-tied or not. And Wynonna Dingess, Tommy’s step-mother, really doesn’t give a hoot what he can or can’t do, she’d just like this wedding over with so she can go home. And why did Becky choose camouflage for her wedding colors… what exactly is she hiding?
Audience is encouraged to come dressed to unimpress! Gentleman, Comb out your mullet, brush your tooth, and grab your best Jorts with matching jean jacket. Ladies tease your hair, put on your best flip flops and
don’t forget your blue eyeshadow because you are invited to a knee slappin good time!
Most unimpressive costume wins a prize!
Call (828) 669-8870 if you have any questions!